Catering Services in Odisha

Namaste Reloaded Restaurant is established in 2012 which serves INDIAN, CHINESE, TANDOOR, MUGHLAI, CONTINENTAL dishes. It also provides services like Home Delivery, Corporate Delivery, Caterings, etc.

Serving food and meal is and art that solely an professional homemaker or knowledgeable provider understands. Luxurious food serving accessories and utensils will undoubtedly facilitate in serving a dish within the very best manner by increasing its price apparently. But while one proved to be the stepping stone for an entire industry, the other is likely to go down as yet another accident in a long list of failed restaurants. The cost of importing ingredients, compounded by a lack of clarity on labelling laws, has made sourcing a challenge for even seasoned chefs.

Tandoori Chicken

We all love a superior dish of Tandoori Chicken. It extremely is our go-to dish for parties. And after all, once we’re out looking and want one thing that’s filling to satiate our hunger pangs. the simplest tandoori chicken in Odisha that you just will keep with yourself, whenever the desire strikes. Do provide this restaurants a try.

tandoori chicken


Mughlai food is taken into account to be a luxury all round the world. Passing the take a look at of your time, this made cooking has created a special place for itself on menus and people’s palettes everywhere. Here’s our list of the most effective Mughlai restaurants in odisha with signature dishes.


if you would like to get pleasure from nice food and avail some even cooler early bird costs then you ought to head resolute the Namaste Reloaded. they need a good range of continental dishes that you simply will get pleasure from.



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